Photo: Donna Gains Knowledge From Bret Michaels’ Lifeclass

What an amazing experience I had I had with Bret last night at Oprah’s Lifeclass. I saw a side of Bret last night that confirmed what a geniune “beautiful soul” he has. He laughed with us and cried with us and gave so many encouragement to achieve their dreams. He might be a rocker but he is also a man that gives you hope, inspiration and makes you feel like you really do matter. Thank you Thank you Bret!!


20140405-110232.jpg Photo: This Little Fan Rocks!

What could possibly be the youngest fan? This little guy rocks!

- Team Bret


20140331-064534.jpg Fan Photos

Here are some more awesome fan photos from Bret’s birthday bash and more!


Army National Guard SGT Fields at Bret’s birthday bash in Effingham, IL


Laurie Fields and Bret


Emma finally got to meet “Rock On Bret” (as she calls him). This is from July 5th at Fair St. Louis under the Arch.


Melissa & Bret at his birthday bash in Effingham, Illinois.





Bret and Laura – Norman, OK , March 7, 2014


Bret and Laura – Billy Bob’s, Texas. March 8, 2014 Fan Photo

(Fan Photo) Lindsay @ Bret’s Birthday Concert In Effingham, IL March 15th!

20140316-200721.jpg Fan Photo

Laura and Bret in Moline, IL pre-birthday bash March 14, 2014

20140316-070544.jpg Fan Photo

Jeanine @ Bret’s Birthday Concert In Effingham, IL March 15th!

20140316-065308.jpg Story: Bernina & Shasta Meet Bret

I want to thank you for an awesome night on March 7th, 2014. You truly
inspire me I have been through a lot the last 3 years. I lost my husband in May
2011, and my 85 year old mother got sick a month later and we were in and out of the
hospital once a week for a month until we found out actually what was wrong. My
daughter was in a real bad car accident in April 2012 I’m lucky to have her still
with me she went 30 feet into a canyon. March 7th was the 7th year anniversary of
our 1st fire and 3 months of our 2nd fire which we lost everything.All I have to do is think of you and have Something to Believe In.

Bernina and Shasta

M3367S-4504 Story: Leigh Ann Meets Bret

I’ve loved Bret since I was 16 years old! (That’s 27 years!!!) I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to meet him @ Sammy T’s in Huntsville, AL on 12/28/13!

- Leigh Ann Gillespie


Fan Photo Friday

This week’s photo is from Sabrina:


Jeanette: Roses & Thorns “Smells so Wonderful”


Got my Roses & Thorns cologne in the other day! Just wanted you to know it smells so wonderful. I love it!! I had to take a pic of it along with some concert pics and a little photo book my daughter had made for me from when you were in Huntsville, Al. I cannot wait to see you guys again! – Jeannette