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Awesome fan tattoo! – Team Bret – Bret Michaels “True Grit” Tour Fan Photo


Thanks for another amazing night! As always, Bret and the B.M.B put on a fun and energetic show last night in Hinckley. Can’t wait to see you in November! Thank you for all you do. You truly are a beautiful soul! 




Bret and Makayla

Our friend and military serviceman Jake and Kate with Bret
George and Rachel Kasica with Bret

Tarina and Bret

Bret Michaels and I before the NASCAR race at NHMS, Loudon NH. I gave him a tube of Glucose tablets to keep in his guitar case. I hope the rest of his tour goes well.


Once again the B*M*B band killed it! Thank you for everyone being so nice – Matt

I wanted to let Bret know what a magical moment it was for me to finally meet my favorite rock star in Salem, Ohio. I was teary eyed as I walked away. I had rehashed in my mind all day meeting Bret to the point I made myself sick. When I met him, that sick feeling just disappeared. Tell Bret that I told Wayne that Bret said “Wayne did an awesome job on my tattoo.” In fact, at about 3 am. Wayne went ahead and tattooed Bret’s signature in my arm. We both listen to Bret’s music all the time. Wayne had severe pain from standing watching the concert from his health issues. It seems we both have our share. I so much admire Bret for all the charity work he does. Thank you to Bret for recognizing epilepsy as I have had this disease since I was in my early 20’s. In 2011, I had a bad seizure/stroke and almost did not recover. I have found a better neurologist since then and have been seizure free since 2011. This March, I was diagnosed with MS and Dr. Raheja thinks the epilepsy has something to do with that. Friday night was one of the best nights of our lives. Meeting Bret for me was a moment I will cherish forever. Much love to Bret, Pete, and all the guys Oh, Bret I hope you liked you beach glass necklace with the B. Bret you stole a piece of my heart that night! Thank you so much for all you do! – Love, Karen

Thanks for a great show in Portland, ME and for being so nice at the meet n greet! It’s a night we will never forget! – Bret Michaels “True Grit” Tour Fan Photos

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   First in line in Altoona, PA with my dear Bret friends, Lee Ann, Lori, and Karen! True Grit Tour


My first meet and greet @ Rockin for Little Hearts 3, Altoona, PA, June 5th, 2015 ~ another awesome show for such a great cause~ thank you for an amazing evening! <3 – LeeAnn True Grit Tour Fan Photos

NJ loves Bret Michaels and the B*M*B! Another AMAZING show last night.  

Thank you! – Joanne

Thursday, April 16th at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA marks just one more phenomenal concert experience with Bret Michaels and the rest of the BMB boys.  I can truly say that they never disappoint and always give an awesome and high energy performance.  During my Meet & Greet I was able to show Bret my ink in the making.  He absolutely LOVED it and asked me to share this picture with him.  As promised, here it is and a brief story behind it…..

Growing up, I was very shy and definitely was not an outgoing individual.  I was misinterpreted as not being friendly and had a hard time making friends. Those that were close to me, knew me as a loving, compassionate, and creative (which I think led to the Interior Design degree that I have today) person.  They knew that they could always come to me because I was always there to listen, was never judgmental of their problems, thoughts and ideas and would do anything for them.

It took me several and I mean several years to come out of my shell and I have my husband to thank for his support and guidance in doing this.  He would always say that “if you do not believe in yourself and love yourself for who you are, you will never be happy.”  That is so very true…..

It has taken me almost 39 years to realize this, but I can truly say that my fun, outgoing, caring, compassionate and confident inner self has emerged. Whether it is spending hours with my husband, three children and three rescue pups, volunteering for local canine shelters, spending time with some invaluable friends, partying at each Bret Michaels concert within driving distance or spending some “me” time at the gym, I can truly say that I am loving every minute of it!

It is okay I was the person that I used to be.  I was able to grow into the person that I am today and as Bret always says…..”Every Rose Has Its Thorn”.

With Love,
Heather Stout
Mechanicsburg, PA

These are my girls that were at the Penn’s Peak concert on April 16. (My birthday) I was very upset that I couldn’t make it. (I live in Nebraska) They asked Bret if he would text me and he told them to call me. I am on the phone with Bret in this picture. I want Bret to know how special he made my birthday. It was a short conversation but it meant the world to me. I can’t wait to rock out in Rock Island, IL on June 20th.

Britt Fan Photo 

I was lucky enough to get a chance to meet Bret on March 20, 2015 at The Shack in Fond du Lac, WI.  During the meet & greet I asked Bret if he would sign my tattoo.  He liked my tattoo so much he asked that I send him a picture of it.  He wanted to show someone and put it up on the website he said.  

My very first rock concert was in 1990 seeing Poison in Green Bay, WI.  Since that moment on, I have loved all that is Bret Michaels and in particular his song, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”.  It is my favorite song of all time.  And since that first concert in 1990, I have seen Bret perform 30+ times and have had the pleasure of meeting him in person three times now.

Thank you, Bret, for all that you do to support our troops and for being an advocate for diabetes research.  You are an inspiration, and have turned me into the rockaholic I am today.  

Tammy Ross
Neenah, WI

PS.  I did go and get his signature tattooed where he signed it the very next day. Fan Photo

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Happy Birthday Bret! I had an amazing night in Effingham, IL last night. I traveled from NJ to meet fans from St. Louis, Nebraska, and Tennessee.  We all had a great time and plan on doing it again real soon!  Hope you got your present! Fan Photo 

Karen and Bret True Grit Tour Fan Photo



This is my 5th Bret inspired tattoo. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to show him in Effingham, IL on March 14 for his Birthday Bash. True Grit Tour Fan Photo





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Last night the guys killed! Hard to explain, so to sum it up the guys were spot on and I heard the most awesome harmony when they sang which i told them all was amazing & we don’t always hear it so perfect. Post show Pete explained that magic happened on that stage last night. What an awesome feeling when you’re at a show when that happens and Mike tore up his drums longer than I’ve seen him yet! Welcome to the True Grit Tour!

See you on the road soon!

Nicole from STL


Bret and B*M*B killed it last night in Clinton, IA. There is not enough thanks in the world I can give Bret. Him, his music and his concerts takes away the stress of reality for a day or two. He truly cares about all of his fans and listens to what they have to say. Until Effingham Bret, safe travels and keep rockin the world!

Lots of love,