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Cindy continues to be inspired by Bret

Just wanted to share my support for “Pets Rock” (and Bret’s support for those foundations).  Bret truly has a huge heart for everything he does!  I’ve been to a lot of his shows and it never gets old!!  I hope to meet him someday.

I just received my Cosmetology license and love that he supports “Beauty School Rocks” as well.  This has been a big accomplishment for me at this stage in my life but Bret inspires that in people that age doesn’t matter!!!!


Johnny and Bret have Nothing but a Good Time when they met

This is my son Johnny with Bret. I have to give a heartfelt “Thank You” to Bret and all the guys for being so nice to my son.  Just look at his smile, it tells it all.  That day really uplifted his spirits and made him feel really special!!

Johnny loves Rock n’Roll, Harley’s and Girls!  We had such a good time and Johnny liked hanging out with you guys after the show.  All of you took him in like an old friend and Bret, you were so generous to give Johnny your bracelet.  He wears it always and is so proud to call you his friend.  You touched his heart as I am sure he touched yours.

Thank you!



Michelle finally gets to meet Bret

The best day I have had in a very long time.  It was a rainy and chilly day in Cleveland OH this past Memorial Day and all I could think of in the days leading up to it was I’m going to see Bret!

I have been one of your loyal fans since high school and my wonderful parents worried I was going to see a rock concert, but they knew how excited I got when I would receive my tickets in the mail.  Now when I see Bret i am proud of him for all he does and all the awareness he brings to horrible diseases and comforts and gives hope to people.

He rocks my world and when I am feeling down or in pain, I toss a CD of his in and tell myself….it’s going to be alright.  The night I met Bret on his bus was the greatest moment of my life and literally made me forget about my hip pain.  I was that excited!!

My doctor wanted me to ask how much he charges by the day to help keep me out of pain until my total hip replacement.  That is how much Bret’s music inspires me and my spirits and gives me something to believe in.


US Veteran and a fan continues to give

I have been a fan of your music since the early 80s, I am also a veteran of the US Navy.  In the Navy I spent a great deal of time in the Navy baby sitting crude oil taners in the Straight of Hormuz.

Once discharged, I learned how to make my own biodiesel.  I used that knowledge after Katrina to build a small scale biodiesel plant on the Bayou Liberty, LA to fuel disaster relief vehicles for me and fellow veterans to help.

We fuel tractors to clear lots and our trucks haul in tools, supplies and volunteers all over Louisiana.  We also helped another organization, The Feel Good Tour, deliver musical instruments to schools outside New Orleans.

That effort gave me the idea of building the Veterans Green Bus.  I bought a 1980 Crown Super Coach School Bus, we have participated in many volunteer efforts with the bus and have crossed the country on just $200 of diesel, as I converted it to run on biodiesel and used cooking oil.  We are now preparing for hurricane season.  To find out more about the Veterans Green Bus visit



A fan of Rock my RV shares the story of their classic bus

I am writing regarding your fantastic show “Rock my RV” to see if you could picture yourself in Arkansas with an English biker, some home cooked British barbecue and a 1994 35ft Ford bus that is waiting to be rocked!

My husband, Mark also known as Bulldog, is British 44 years old and has lived in the Natural State since late 1998 after waiting many years to get here through the immigration system.  He is a very unique character that has overcome many hurdles in his life but is always looking to the future.  He has had many health issues including Chrons disease, three heart attacks and a severe car wreck.  He loves to cook and would love to have the bus have an expanded kitchen.

I am sure you and him would get along very well and I invite you to come visit us for a hot cup of British tea and see the potential in him and his bus!

I will have the kettle on!!!


Bret fan Doug channels his inner Bret to pop the question!

I went to a Time Warp prom in April 2012 and had it set up before the event that I would get called up on stage to propose to my then girlfriend by singing Every Rose has It’s Thorn with the band.  I was also dressed to look like Bret. The song was to stop in the middle so I could propose.

I have to be honest, the engagement didn’t work, we broke up several months ago.  Indeed, Eery Rose certainly does have its thorn.

Thank  you for the music and everything it means to me.


Pam gets a tattoo in honor of her favorite song

Every Rose is my favorite song of all time.  I got this tattoo for my 40th Birthday, a gift to myself.  I pretty much designed it myself.

Bret You Rock!!



Couple is touched by Bret’s kindness

We were at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville In to see Bret in concert.  My wife suffers from several health conditions and has trouble walking very far, but we made it to the gate with our 12 year old son.  My son and I walked around back and Bret was riding his motorcycle.  He stopped and took pictures with us and talked to us like he knew us all his life.

I told him about my wife and how disappointed she was going to be to have missed him and he told me to bring her back and he would meet her.  When I told her she started crying and couldn’t believe it.  I want to thank Bret for all he did.  She still talks about it and how it made her so happy.  We saw him in concert again at Carb day at the Indianapolis 500 but there was so much going on that day, we didn’t get to see Bret but talked with Patrick and Janna.

Thank you guys for all you do!  Your friends Kevin and Stephanie McCormick


Bret gave Lisa Something to Believe in !

May 25, 2013, I was finally able to make it to another show it took me over 12 years to be well enough.  I am fighting late stage Lyme disease, had it not been for Bret’s “Something to believe in” I would not be writing this.  I almost gave up and took the easy way out, had that video not come on the TV at the moment it did, I wouldn’t be here.

I believe things happen for a reason and that song was on to save me.  I have been through so much from being undiagnosed for 7 years, not being able to walk and having seizures I was  in a dark hole that consumed me and I just wanted the pain and seizures to end but then that song came on.  Six months later I got help for my lyme disease.

I saw Bret in 1988 with Poison and it took me years to get to another show I was so sick.  I had to thank the man that saved my life and gave me something to believe in and I did with tears in my eyes as I told him he was the reason I am alive and his music healed my soul.

Bret listened to my story and the hug from him I can’t even describe, it was worth more than any amount of money in the world to me.  I hope I can see him again so he can see how I’m doing.

I went back to school in 2010 and I have made the president’s list twice.  You are my hero Bret and I wish i could repay you for saving me.  Thank you Bret from the bottom of my heart and soul, you healed my soul and broken spirit and kept me fighting.


71 concerts and counting for Bret fan Trey!

I am a career long Bret Michaels fan!  I have seen Bret in concert over 71 times over the last 25 plus years.

I got this tat in 1999 and had it touched up in 2008.  it has always been my favorite tattoo!  I have a son named Bret so needless to say I am a die hard fan!!!!!