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Iraq Veteran uses music to help while serving his Country

I am a veteran back from Iraq.  I served proudly in the 82nd Airborne Division and listened to your music every day.  I really helped me keep the adrenaline going.  Thanks for a bit of home.




“All I Ever Needed” gives a Bret fan her perfect first dance song.

I am writing today to thank Bret. Thank you for writing that beautiful song ” All I Ever Needed”.

I wanted to share with you that the moment I heard that song when it first came out. I knew  that would be the song my now husband and I would dance too at our wedding. And we did just that. We were married June 8 th. That song spoke to me because we do not live in a fancy place or have a lot of money. Our journey has been a struggle. But in the 7 years we have been together our love has got us through it all. All  we ever needed as the song says was eachother. That song was a perfect fit.


Saundra, a longtime faithful fan gets her chance to meet Bret!

I have been following Bret and his music since the taping if
Every Rose in Green Bay! I had the privlidge of being at the taping of the
video the night before the opening night of the tour at Brown County Arena!
It was truly an experience but we didn’t get to meet you that night.

I have been trying to meet Bret since them but timing was never quite right.
Now 25 years later (gasp!) I finally got my chance!  Bret took the time to
talk with each and every one if us and took time to give me an autograph.
It’s inked now and not going anywhere! Thanks Bret!


“Brethead” Saundra meets Bret in Littleton!

Awesome concert in Littleton!  Thank you Bret for taking the time to meet and talk with everyone!  Special thanks to Ray for taking all those cell phone pics !!



Chelsey and friends meet Bret!

Because I’m in love with Bret, a group friends and I got VIP tickets for his show this winter.

We went through the meet and greets and met the guitar player, Pete, he was a super nice guy. Then we met Bret. Although it was a quick thing, it was aweomse. Bret was such a nice down to earth all around genuine person.
Cannot wait to see him again!

chelsey borer

Bret and BMB rocks Oxford!

I want to thank Bret and the BMB band for ROCKIN in Oxford on Monday July 8th!  I had a blast!!  I hope the night raised lots of money for the Diabetes Foundation!  Can’t wait to see you at Hampton Beach!

Keep Rockin!




Tinkerbell turns Rocker !

Anne’s tells us that her dog Tinkerbell, who is a rescue, was a total “Barbie Girl” but after listening to “Jammin with Friends” and the concert in Kansas City, she is now a Bret Michaels “Rocker Girl”.  Thanks for sharing with us Anne!

Tink and BMB CD 018