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Brenda gets a glimpse at Bret’s love for his fans

I have been a fan of Bret Michaels for a long time.   I have followed his career though and watched every show, Rock of Love ~ all seasons, Rock my RV, Celebrity Apprentice when he was on both seasons.  It’s almost like he’s been a friend of mine but we never met.  I was fortunate enough to win tickets to go see him at Wild Horse Pass for the Life Rocks Charity event from a local radio station 98.7 The Peak.  My friend and I were waiting for the doors to open outside the theatre.

Our seats were upstairs and all of a sudden a group of people came out of the doors and it was Bret with the whole band.  We tried to get his attention but I could barely speak I was so surprised to see him, they were headed over to ARIA, probably for a meet and greet with some winners.  We decided to remain in our seats on the couch and just wait for them to come out so we could at least try to shake his hand or get a picture as the management team got him back to the venue.  When they did come back out we were ready to get up and get close.  Bret was very gracious and shook hands and talked to everyone.  The team started to tell them we have to go and Bret said everyone enjoy the show, then I said can I please shake your hand and he said of course come on in for the good stuff and pulled me in for a hug.  Wow that was a surprise to me!  My friend was videoing me with Bret.  Then she said to him will you please let me get a picture of you with her and Bret again said yes…so he put his arm around me, all I could say was I love you so much, while my friend was trying to get the camera to take the picture and was having trouble, Bret said go ahead take your time.  Never taking his arm from around me, he called for Sarge to come help him get the picture taken.  So that is where this picture came from.

I loved Bret before but since I met him and saw how he really was with his fans, in person, I was vey happy to have had this moment with him and I love him more now.  The expression on my face says it all.  I’m a true and loyal fan and forever will be.  Thank you Bret Michaels for being who you are and making the experience meeting you so great.  You were so genuine and down to earth it was a pleasure.   The last point I want to make from this experience is that a whole lot of money got raised for LifeRocks.

Rock On!


Bret Michaels on Tour

Tonight Bret is performing in New Mexico at the Inn of the Mountain Gods, tomorrow in Arizona at Wild Horse Pass and Monday in Wisconsin at Oktoberfest. Check out the listings below for all the upcoming shows and related information. Check out the tour page for more information about appearances, too!

Tammy sends in a classic picture!

This photo is from the fan show at the Roxy in 2002!  I had an awesome time!!!!tammy

Bret gives Linda Something to Believe In

First of all my name is Linda and I am from a small town in Minnesota. When Bret played in Rochester MN on April 24th, 2013 I finally had the chance to purchase a meet and greet. I will explain a bit to as why that was so important to me personally.

I took a bad way in life and nine years ago I decided that I needed to quit doing certain things and be a mother to my kids. Nine years ago my motivation to quit those things was that if i was able to quit doing drugs that I deserve to meet Bret and it took me nine years to do so, but it gave me so much closure to that part of my life. The only regret I have is that I was so nervous I couldn’t really talk. I wanted to explain how much of an impact he has on everyone. It was an experience that I will never forget.



Laurie and Brenda hits the road to see Bret!

This was my second M&G with Bret, and I just love how nice he truly is!!! My friend Brenda drove over 7 hours to see you. We went all out for this show with VIP, hotel room, and M&G!!! Worth every penny! We love you Bret!!!!! I  have to say that Bret is the most awesome rocker I have ever met. Such a wonderful person. Love you Bret, and hey Lucky Chuckie, I caught my first drumstick at the show!!!!!

Laurie2 Story: Cierra Inks Her Idol

I am crazy about Bret Michaels and I have been since I was 8 years old. I finally saw him in concert this Summer. He’s so perfect and an amazing icon and idol to me. He is amazing and my favorite singer. This tattoo I got is because of his song “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” the best song ever made.



Meghan rushes to see meet Bret and ends up with an autographed Speeding ticket!

This is Meghan. She was so excited to meet Bret at the PetSmart in Milwaukee on August 29, that she got a speeding ticket on the way there! When she got up there to meet Bret, he signed the ticket for her!  Bret said it was the best story he had heard that day. 🙂 Thanks!

meganticket Story: Caroline Commends Bret For Veteran Support

My friend Laura and I met Bret in Fredricksburg, VA in August. Loved the show and loved him. It was our 3rd Bret show! I didn’t get a chance at the time, but I wanted to thank him for all his support for Veterans. My husband is a retired Vet with overseas deployments under his belt and I love that Bret highlights Veteran’s issues. My husband started a Veterans council in our county and we are also trying to make a difference.

Thanks Bret for all you do!

Keep on rockin!


Long time Bret fan Kary goes VIP

This was my 10th concert, so I went all out and got a VIP ticket and meet and greet!  Bret was so great.  He made me feel like we were the only two in the room.  I had a necklace of my son (who is in the Navy) and Bret said “That is awesome”.  I was on cloud nine.  Then he signed my shirt and wrote 10 on it, which showed me he really does listen when his fans talk. I would recommend that every one that goes to his show to try to meet him. He is really AWESOME!


Laura and her best friend hit the road to see Bret !

My best friend and I have been friends for 30 years, we love Bret’s music and have stayed in touch over the years.  We were able to meet Bret in Ohio.  It topped the list in our memories and will always mean something special.  We are hitting the road together soon to go to Florida to see him again, less than a month since the last show and can not wait!

Thank you Bret for all the years!!!!  We will always love you!!!!!  Keep Rockin!!!!