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Jackie has a rockin’ birthday!!!

Dear Bret, I just want to thank you once again for making my birthday one I will never forget. You are the most amazing man that has ever walked this planet ! The love you have for your fans is never ending !

Thank you again and May God keep you and yours healthy and safe always !!
All My Love Forever, Jackie

Jackie copy Kristen & Ally Meet Bret!

Road Dog Nation members Kristen and Ally hangin’ with Bret after an awesome show!


Cherise shares her story with Bret

On October 5th I had the pleasure and honor to meet a man I have much admiration for.  I have been following Bret Michaels since he suffered from a brain hemorrhage in 2010.  He was due to preform at a venue I work at just after it happened.  When he kept his touring schedule I was amazed and impressed.  Since that time I too have been working on my health and he was such an inspiration to me during that time.

Being able to have overcome my diabetes, write a book about it and to be able to meet him and share it with him was an honor.  I hope to reach and save many lives through my story.  I hope he enjoyed reading my story.



Jennifer finally meets Bret!

I finally got the chance to meet Bret last night at Petsmart. I
just want to say what a nice guy he is. There was a problem with my camera,
but he made sure I got a picture. I also made him a poster and he was so
nice and asked if he could have it. Thank you for being so gracious to your
fans. Hope I get to see you again.


Sheila gets a dream come true!

This photo was taken during the Meet & Greet at Music Fest in El
Dorado, AR on October 4, 2013. It was a last minute surprise from me and dad
for my mom, Sheila Stegall (in the photo) that almost didn’t happen! By the
grace of God I was somehow able to pull it off and it was worth everything I
went through and then some. I haven’t seen her smile like that in years, and
Bret was so kind and sweet to her.

She’s still talking about it and will be for years to come I’m sure. Thank you so much and God Bless!!!
Bret & Sheila

A Night to Remember

My friend and I bought VIP tickets to the Velvet Sessions to see Bret in Orlando.  We were fortunate enough to get our picture taken with him.  It was a night to remember!

Thank you Bret!

tess Story: 25 Years And Still Going Strong…

From the time we were thirteen years old, my best friend and I have been loyal Bret Michaels fans. We attended concerts the night before high school graduation, choreographed dances to Talk Dirty to Me at both of our weddings, and dressed our toddlers up as little rock stars for Halloweens (much to the dismay of our husbands). For the past two years, we have attended the meet and greet after the concerts in Hampton Beach. It’s always nerve racking when you are going to meet a celebrity. Your hopes that they will truly be similar to the person that you have followed for so many years, and the fear of knowing what to say run through your mind. Our experience meeting Bret was one of the most memorable moments in our friendship. Bret is truly a professional and kind person who takes the time to show an interest in every fan that he meets. You immediately feel at ease when you meet him, and his genuine love for music and his fans is evident. If you get the chance to meet Bret, please take the opportunity. In a day and age when so many celebrities do not uphold their responsibilities to their fans, Bret is a rose among thorns.