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Fan Photo Friday

Here are this week’s Fan Photo Friday Entries:


More photos and galleries coming soon!

Linda Checks an item off of her bucket list!

I met Bret at a meet and greet in Cleveland.

He was so awesome to me! He signed my coat road dog nation and told me I was the first to have it.

He was at the top of my bucket list.thank you again for making my dream come true.



Long time fan Brian talks about Bret’s genuine concern for his fans!

I have met Bret about 25 times dating back to 1996, I call him my friend, I went and saw him last week in Miami, My wife Barbara couldnt come, because of a medical emergency with my 19 year old daughter. So I brought my close friend Lisa.

The 1st thing Bret said to me “Where is your better half” I explained the situation to him, and his general concern for the well being of my daughter, well it was typical Bret Michaels like, he really cared, showed his love, and told me to make sure I send his best to my family.

This is why Bret Michaels, has been, and always will be, my friend. Thank you Bret, see you December 8, 2013, at Markham Park in Sunrise FL., we can close out 2013, with a bang, and a special thank you, to the best drummer out their, Chuck, you rock buddy, enjoyed hanging out with you after the show.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Bret Michaels Entertainment, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!


Lynn continues to be touched by Bret’s compassion

I had my first encounter to meet Bret in the parking lot of the PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ in July of 2007.  I had recently lost my dad and when I spoke with Bret, I had told him that “Something to Believe In” really hit home and helped me deal with losing my dad.  He told me the history of the song (which, as a fan, I already knew). He gave me an autograph and as I walked away, he pulled me back, gave me a hug and said “I’m really sorry about your dad.  I walked away and all I kept thinking was “what a nice guy”.

From that point on, I became more aware of Bret and what he stands for.  From his work with various diabetes foundations, Petsmart charity, Operation Homefront and the Barrows hospital, he never ceases to amaze me!  I have never met such a wonderful person who does so much for so many people and asks nothing in return.  He is truly amazing and has an aura of positiveness in everything he does. Bret, his band, and everyone involved with him are some of the most wonderful people I have met.  I have also been fortunate enough to make a lot of lifelong friends  as a result of going to his shows.

Friends share good times with Bret!

Hi Bret my friend Elise and I LOVE you! You are the sweetest, kindest person. Elise was so sad she was unable to see you at the Emporium in October with me. This picture is from Westbury Sept 2012. We also met you at Pet Smart.  You are so generous with your fans. It was GREAT!!!

Each time we meet you it gets better and better!!! We work for an endocronologist and know how difficult it can be at times to keep your glucose in check. You must be doing something right, because you are so hot!

Kathe Stryker



Knowing the lyrics gives Diana chance of a lifetime!

Many years a fan, the love and compassion Bret gives off and on stage is amazing.

I was driving to work and  radio station 97Rock here in Buffalo said to call in and I did. I had to sing nothing but a good time and I nailed it!! I won the chance to go on stage with BMB and sing with Bret. It was Awesome and everything I imagined.

Backstage with dj jixter Bret came out after the show and had the opportunity to him take a picture. 80’s fan forever will be.  Thanks for the memories.Can’t wait for the next one!!!!



Ariene meets Bret and her dogs love “Chance”

I want to share my photo my story, first time I seen Bret Michaels was at the aces spades in Sacramento California in June 2013 my first concert ever!!!

I got to see him again at the grapes of rock in San Francisco California in November 2013 and I was able to meet Bret and had my picture taken with him.

I was finally able to find “Chance” at my PetSmart in California and my dogs enjoy the toy and I got one for myself as well.  My dogs are getting other cool Pets Rock toys for Christmas.


Bret thank you for you do, your a good man


ariene2 ariene3

Barbara meets Bret and gets a very unique autograph in her old high school yearbook!

I have been a fan of Bret since the 80s.

This year I saw Bret Michaels Band several times and love their show and amazing energy.  This past Friday night at the Palladium in St. Petersburg Florida I was fortunate enough to show Bret something very special to me.

In an old school yearbook from 1992 my quote read “My future plans are to marry Bret Michaels”.  I finally got to show it to him and wanted him to sign it.  His reaction was priceless and is something I will treasure forever.  He truly is a wonderful person and I am proud to say I am a lifelong fan and will always love and support him.



Dani is inspired by Bret after life altering injury

I was a professional ballet dancer here in Cleveland for many years. After receiving an injury last year that caused me not to be able to dance and lose my job over therapy and all, I was at lowest of the lows in my life. On top of that, family illnesses and relationships ending, I was in such a dark rut, I never thought id be able to crawl out of it. My entire life had been turned upside down.
As Cliche as it is, I met Bret this past summer and it was such an uplifting experience. Just spending time gave me the brightness I needed. How special he makes you feel, how kind he is, and all of his band and crew ( such amazing guys, theyre truly the most down to earth kind hearted people youd ever want to meet)
Also seeing how full of life Bret is after all that he’s been thru and all the things that tried to knock him down. I found the fight in me that I had almost lost. I had always been a fighter, determined and full of passion. It was a blessing to find that girl inside again.
That’s the whole point of this isn’t it, for the people and music to touch people, and everyone in a different ways that makes a difference to each person.
Now Im back in the dance studio, getting back in dancer shape. Ive become a successful model and the goals are limitless!! 🙂


Lori meets Bret for the first time

This was my first meet and greet in St Petersburg FL!!! Wow, Wow!!!!  The show was GREAT!!!


Lori Kaeser