Archive for April 29, 2014 Photo: Tabitha Meets Bret

I met Bret for the 5th time Saturday 4/26. As always Bret was awesome. I love the way he takes time with each fan and doesn’t rush you. Bret you ROCK!


20140428-204003.jpg Story: Brittany & Friends Travel From Nebraska To See Bret

All the way from Nebraska! Great show as always! – Brittany



20140428-194509.jpg Story: Kelly Meets Bret

I had the best time at Bret’s show last night! Everyone is so nice. I loved meeting Bret he is very kind and sweet. This was my fourth meet and greet and I can’t wait for the next one!


20140428-194037.jpg Photo: Donna Gains Knowledge From Bret Michaels’ Lifeclass

What an amazing experience I had I had with Bret last night at Oprah’s Lifeclass. I saw a side of Bret last night that confirmed what a geniune “beautiful soul” he has. He laughed with us and cried with us and gave so many encouragement to achieve their dreams. He might be a rocker but he is also a man that gives you hope, inspiration and makes you feel like you really do matter. Thank you Thank you Bret!!