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Bret and the boys rocked Lakes Jam in Brainerd, MN! As always, they put on an awesome show and it is always a pleasure meeting Bret! Bret, you truly have a beautiful soul and I admire you for all you do. Thanks for another amazing night and I will see you guys in 2 weeks.


20140630-131221-47541062.jpg Fan Photo

Bret and Crystal in Salem, OH



Misty and Bret

20140627-130700-47220497.jpg Fan Photo

Thanks for a killer show in Valentine, NE. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn right? My rose tonight was seeing you the thorn was the speeding ticket I got on my way there. See you boys on the road!You ALL rock my world! Lots of Love,

~ Brittany




Thanks for a rockin’ show at the Rosebud Casino! What a great night with a super cool man!

– Amy



What a fun show it was at Rosebud and what a just damn nice guy! It was so great to meet Bret! Hope to see him again soon and thanks for all he does for so many. You can really tell he truly cares and loves what he does!


20140625-125315-46395515.jpg Fan Photos

Here are a couple of great fans photos sent it!


It’s too bad the weather didn’t cooperate in Rockton. Take care and see ya soon. – Michelle


Even though the show was cancelled due to some crazy storms, Bret was sweet enough to still do the Meet & Greet. Where else can you get sunburned and rained on all in one day? Only good old Iowa. Completely worth it as always. See you boys in Valentine! – Brittany Fan Photo

Check out these great fan photos from this past weekend’s Bret Michaels concerts!

– Team Bret


Nicole and Bret in St. Louis, MO 6/13/14


Monica and Bret in Reily, OH 6/14/14 Fan Photos


Thank you for taking the time to chat with me, stay healthy. – Lisa


Today at my daughter’s school they had a Live Wax Museum. The children did research and chose their American Hero. My daughter Tori chose Bret because of all the charity work he does. I am proud of her for picking such a ” Beautiful Soul” as her hero.
Thank you! – Terri Story: Bernina & Shasta Meet Bret

I want to thank you for an awesome night on March 7th, 2014. You truly inspire me I have been through a lot the last 3 years. I lost my husband in May 2011, and my 85 year old mother got sick a month later and we were in and out of the hospital once a week for a month until we found out actually what was wrong. My daughter was in a real bad car accident in April 2012 I’m lucky to have her still with me she went 30 feet into a canyon. March 7th was the 7th year anniversary of our 1st fire and 3 months of our 2nd fire which we lost everything. All I have to do is think of you and have Something to Believe In.

Bernina and Shasta