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Lu and Pat with Bret

20140730-165956-61196132.jpg Fan Photo

What a week! Got to see BMB on Long Island on Monday (in a downpour), then headed to NYC with my best friend of 30 years ,Tracey from Florida to Fox and Friends. Tracey flew in just for the show so we could go together. We both LOVE Bret for as long as we’ve been friends. After the show at Fox and Friends, Bret took pictures with so many fans even though he had to make a stop before heading to the Hard Rock Cafe. We were disappointed because we couldn’t get to him. By the time we got up to him, he was getting on his bus. He said to meet him at the Hard Rock. We headed over there. After waiting for him to come out, we finally got our picture. Even though he was being reminded by his crew that he had a plane to catch, he took the time for more pictures and autographs with a smile on his face. Bret is such an amazing person! Can’t wait for the next show! Thanks again Bret for another great memory!

Lorraine & Tracey



Jennifer and Bret


20140727-061352-22432848.jpg Fan Photo

I’ve been going to Bret’s shows ever since 2000 and I just turned 22 on the 14th seeing Bret rock that stage every show I go to is a great experience especially his band there so nice overall the Bret Michaels Band is the best. He loves his fan which is the best.

– Matthew



Connie & Bret – One word describes you…dedicated. Dedicated to your fans, your beliefs and you charities. Thanks for another great day. You rock!



Jess, Bret & Sami



Me and my daughter outside Hard Rock Cafe. Being a mother to a child with an illness, I truly appreciate a you do for children. Thank you for all you do. You are truly a Godsend!




Crista and Bret



On July 11th I met Bret for the 5th time. When he asked me if I had anything for him to autograph I offered myself. He kindly signed his name & the next day I went to Rose of No Man’s Land in Woodbury, MN and had tattoo artist Kris make the autograph a part of me forever.

Bret was my 14th tattoo. It is healing quite nicely! I’m very pleased with it!

Thank you again, Bret for such an amazing show at Jackpot Junction Casino. I hope you will come back to the Twin Cities around Christmas time again like you did in 2013.

Take care,



Boss Rocks Bret Michaels’ Pets Rock Collection Items Available At Petsmart

“Boss” is on vacation in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Relaxing on the dock with his favorite toy! Thank you Bret for putting out an awesome line of dog toys!


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Matthew and Bret – July 14, 2014. Happy Birthday Matthew!


Connie and Bret


Liza, Danielle and Lisa with Bret


Bret and I at the start of the rain on Long Island 7/14/14 and as always Bret and BMB put on an amazing show in the rain. It was Nothin’ But A Good Time.

– Kim

20140716-204231-74551187.jpg Fan Photo

Thank you Bret for another wonderful show!

Oakdale, MN




Nicole and Bret in Danville, IN


Helena & Addi had nothin’ but a good time.


Thank you Bret Michaels Band for a great show! This was the first show for some of my friends. I think you have some new Road Dogs and fans. Thank you for all you do,



Joanne and Bret

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Childhood friends Diane and Laura hanging with Bret in Ohio.


I met Bret at the Columbus, OH show (7/5/14) LIFELONG Bret fan and meeting him was everything and more that I thought it would be. Bret signed my shoulder so I could get it tattooed, which I did Sunday. Here is the pic of us and the tattoo pic. Thank you Bret for being as gracious and caring.

– Shelly



I have been waiting for years to meet Bret and was supposed to at Annie’s years ago, but it didn’t work out so I finally got to meet him on June 15, 2014 at Indian Creek in Ohio. I can’t believe it’s true even now as I look at the picture of him and together one big thing crossed off my bucket list for sure.

– Cindy


This photo was taken at the July 5 concert at Scioto downs. Bret was very awesome and such a nice and loving man. I have always been a long time Bret fan and I always will be. Bret you are the best. Take care my friend.

– Tanya


I have been a fan of Bret Michaels for as long as I can remember and I have always wanted to meet him. On July 5, 2014 my dream came true, I met Bret! I went to his concert at Scioto Downs in Columbus, Ohio and he ROCKED! I had the best night of my life and hated to see it end. I had him sign my wrist so I could get it tattooed and have his autograph forever. Can’t wait to see you again Bret.

– Haley

20140709-064058-24058721.jpg Photos: Bret Michaels Day 2014 in Butler, PA

Awesome photos from Bret Michaels Day 2014 in Butler, PA