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A Beautiful Soul: Contest Winner Vicki Hill Describes Her Experience

When I entered A Beautiful Soul contest back in April, I never expected to win. After a month of constant voting and harassing all those I know to vote, the contest came to an end, and then, what seemed like a lengthy wait to find out the winner. To my surprise, I was announced the winner!

All of that hard work paid off. I was later contacted by Patrick to make arrangements for the contest dinner. I was told to review the tour schedule and pick a show that my guest and I would like to attend and that he would then make all of the arrangements. We selected a show a couple hours from where we lived and then the long wait began as the show was not until August.

Closer to the time of the show, Patrick contacted me again to begin finalizing the arrangements for the dinner. I was so excited and could not believe that the time had finally arrived! What to expect was next on my mind…

The day finally came and once we arrived to the venue, we were greeted by Patrick and Krista who were amazingly sweet. They welcomed us and chatted with us while we awaited Bret’s arrival. He was held up at the airport and running late. We were nervous that dinner would be rushed as a result but that was not the case.

Once Bret arrived and got settled, we were escorted to the tour bus where Bret welcomed and greeted us. They offered us a variety of food and drinks. Jorja (Bret’s daughter) came out to join us for a brief period of time. We all talked like we have known each other forever. We talked about the contest, music, family and careers. Bret was even kind enough to call a couple of friends and family for us. Bret also offered to send us some items for the kids as they are huge fans as well. What an awesome host! Before we knew it, an hour and a half passed. We took some photos together and then Bret offered to set us up anywhere we wanted to be to watch the show.

We settled on the side of the stage. What a different experience it is to not be in the crowd but behind the scene. Watching from the side lines really makes you see and appreciate all the hard work that Bret and the BMB put in to every performance.

I still can’t wrap my head around this experience and am so grateful that I was able to be a part of a once in a life time opportunity.

Bret and his team truly show the definition of beautiful souls.

Thanks to all of you,

Vicki Hill


A Beautiful Soul contest winner Vicki Hill with Bret on his tour bus.


Contest winner Vicki Hill, her sister Shannon with Bret and his daughter Jorja at dinner. Fan Photo

A fan and her awesome Bret Michaels art!


Adriana’s Bret tattoo


Jeanne and Jennifer say Bret rocks!


The last time we saw Bret Michaels and his band was at the Jackpot Junction casino in MN. It was truly the BEST concert! We have seen Bret many times and this time was one of our favorites because it was outdoors and the weather was awesome and, the band rocked like they always do!

We first met Bret and got to know him on the set of the Rock My RV show where my husband Joe and I were chosen as one of the finalists to win an RV designed by Bret and his team. We didn’t end up winning the RV, but that was ok because what we received was the best experience of our lives!

Meeting Bret and then having Bret extend the offer to meet and greet us at shows Bret and the band play in MN has been the best gift to both my husband and I While we were on the set of RMRV Bret signed a guitar for us which now hangs in our home on the wall! We have always been Bret Michaels fans and now that we have met and been able to personally get to know Bret too, it has been the best experience ever! We are so thankful!

Thank you Bret for making such awesome music and for reminding us all how to love life and to keep on rocking no matter what! We love you! Thank you for everything!

Rock on!


IMG_2081.JPG Fan Photo


Once again thank you for another awesome show. You are truly the nicest and most down to earth man ever. Keep performing and I’ll keep coming.

Love you and the rest of the guys!




Bret, you’re a doll! Thanks for being so sweet to in Hopewell VA 8/14/14. Great show as usual, it was an honor to see Chuck’s and Ray’s last show




Friday night in Reading, PA. First of two amazing nights with Bret and BMB. Thank you.



After Reading, PA concert followed BMB for over four hours to Milford, CT. Second amazing concert. I would like to thank Bret and the band for being so great and making these two shows such an amazing and awesome time for us!

Love and kisses,
Joanne and Nicole



Carrie and Bret



This photo was taken at the Reading, PA show on August 15, 2014 at Reverb. This was an awesome show. My friends and family had the best time and we were glad to see Bret looking healthy and having great energy. God bless how he jumped around in that heat! Truly a great hearted rocker and never disappoints his fans! Thanks for a great night!!




I was fortunate enough to get meet Bret and get his signature. I got this 8/15/2014 when he played at reverb in Reading PA. This is a permanent reminder of the best night of my life.




My son Kirkland and Bret at the Health and Fitness Expo in Columbus, Ohio. Bret sponsored my son for camp this summer and today my son Kirkland got to meet him. Bret was kind enough to sign his guitar. Thank you so much Bret!

– Tammy

IMG_1847.JPG Fan Photo

Had a rocking good time in NYC with Bret Michaels and the B*M*B! Can’t wait to see you all in CT this weekend for my birthday. Going to miss Chuck and Ray.

– Rebecca

IMG_1791.JPG Fan Photo

Baby Daisy and her rockin’ onesie signed by Bret.


Fans with Bret


Michelle and Bret