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(null) Photos: Clinton, Iowa Fans Meeting Bret On The “True Grit” Tour





Last night the guys killed! Hard to explain, so to sum it up the guys were spot on and I heard the most awesome harmony when they sang which i told them all was amazing & we don’t always hear it so perfect. Post show Pete explained that magic happened on that stage last night. What an awesome feeling when you’re at a show when that happens and Mike tore up his drums longer than I’ve seen him yet! Welcome to the True Grit Tour!

See you on the road soon!

Nicole from STL


Bret and B*M*B killed it last night in Clinton, IA. There is not enough thanks in the world I can give Bret. Him, his music and his concerts takes away the stress of reality for a day or two. He truly cares about all of his fans and listens to what they have to say. Until Effingham Bret, safe travels and keep rockin the world!

Lots of love,

Britt Fan Photo

I got to ring in the new year with Bret for the second year in a row. I wish that everyone had something in their life that makes them feel the way Bret and going to his concerts makes me feel. I feel so ALIVE after a show. Until next time Bret, keep rocking the world.

Lots of love,



Epic show rockin in the New Year, STL style. This year’s show topped last
year show by far! So fortunate to ring in the New Year again with the BMB.
Looking forward to 2015! Happy New Year! See you on the road!

– Nicole from STL


This was my Mom’s Christmas gift from my sister and I (to meet Bret). What a surprise it’s going to be when family and her friends open Mom’s Christmas cards this year!

Hope to see you again in Manitoba!



Brenda and Bret on New Year’s Eve!


My tattoo represents not only my favorite band but also represents some of the best times of my life. Many wonderful memories shared with these guys and many yet to come.
Rock On! – Karla


My tattoo is one that I have always wanted to get: Poison represents my favorite band for 28 years. The heart around it represents they are close to my heart. Dolphins: live life carefree and have fun. Stars: the boys themselves. Music notes: the music lives on and new being created.

– Andrea


I got my roses and thorns leg piece in 2014. I would say definitely one of the hardest years I’ve had to get through. I attended 6 concerts and every one I went to got me through just a little more. Always one to look forward to Bret’s concerts as they become my stress relief, something to set my mind on and look forward. There is no better feeling then standing front row center dancing, jumping, singing and closing your eyes and release all the built up stress and emotion! I have major respect for Bret and his band, they work hard to bring the concerts to the fans and the respect and time that Bret gives is more then anyone could ever ask for! Bret hugs are the best and I love my roses and thorns tattoo, it reminds me that know matter the pain there’s always better days!

Love to Bret and the band, safe travels in 2015!

Sarah Mason