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I got the pleasure of seeing the Bret Michaels Band last night at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, MD. The show was awesome! I would say the best concert I have ever been too! It was well worth the three and a half hour drive to go to it. After the show I got the pleasure of meeting Bret and sharing my favorite Bret Michaels related story with him. Five years ago I met him after a concert in Virgina Beach, VA.

At the time my husband and I were trying to have a baby but things were taking longer then we had hoped. Bret must have been our good luck charm because we conceived that month! Ten months later we were finally parents. I owe it to my husband, but I do feel that there is a convection to that show! Lol. My friends even through me a Bret Michaels baby shower. 

My son is now four and hopefully in the near future will be attending Bret Michaels concerts with us. I want to thank Bret and the Bret Michaels Band for continuing to put on great shows and giving fans like me experiences and memories that last a lifetime!  

Jennifer – Bret Michaels “True Grit” Tour Fan Photo

My aunt took me to my first rock concert. I had the privilege to go see Bret Michaels and actually meet him! It meant so much to me. She went out of her way to make the concert memorable. Bret did an amazing job and is so friendly, rock on!

– Justin
 I was the winner of Bret’s Pets Rock – Petsmart Ugly Holiday Sweater contest last year. This is the picture from my meet and greet. Special thanks to Patrick for making it happen! – Carrie


Bret and the BMB are truly classiest guys in rock n roll, the show in Greensboro, NC a few weeks ago was awesome, from getting to sit in on soundcheck and playing Every Rose on stage with the band, to meeting Bret again, October 2nd was definitely a night to remember, it made driving 4 hours from Virginia in a hurricane so worth it! 



I grew up listening to Bret Michaels thanks to my parents and it was an absolute honor to meet him. Such a great guy! Will never forget how impressed he and the rest of BMB were at how I knew the words to each song. Thanks Bret! – Mark

Michelle & Bret at Sweet Caroline’s in Winchester, VA. The best night of my life. A true artist who really cares about his fans! Thank Bret!

I’ve been a life long Bret fan! I love everything he does. He is a truly amazing individual. He works hard and parties hard and is an amazing father. I’ve gone to three of his shows in the last year, but sadly I didn’t have the opportunity to do the meet and greet. I told my husband that the next time Bret comes to Washington State, I was going and I was going to meet him. After I bought my tickets, I did a lot of thinking.. What is a memorable gift that I can give him? I know he bleeds black and gold as a life long Steelers fan, so I thought of finding Steelers fabric and a pattern and made him a very cool Steelers quilt. The concert was awesome as always, but I was on cloud nine when I was able to finally meet Bret and on top of it, give him this special gift. Until next time… Keep on Rockin! I love you Bret! – Heather

Sandra meeting Bret then (left) and now (right).


I decided my 8 year old daughter’s very first concert would be to see Bret Michaels. We headed to the Music and Merchants Festival in Ft. Thomas, KY and my daughter was happy to be going. It all changed when we got to actually meet Bret Michaels in person. His kindness, smile and beautiful heart made my daughter a huge fan even before the concert started. During the concert she was up dancing, singing and yelled at me, “Mom, when will we get to do this again? This is the best concert ever!” My heartfelt thanks goes out to Bret for being so down to earth and making a little girl’s night a dream come true. Thank you so much for everything you do.

– Mechille


I had such a great time seeing Bret. He is always so sweet and nice. Everyone is always great. I come out every year to see Bret and it is always nothing but a good time. See you next year! – Kelly

Bret – Thank you again for meeting with me and talking to me. You have helped me not be scared of having diabetes. I love you and everything you do. You’re an amazing guy. This photo was taken October 9, 2015 at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Cleveland. – Ashley


I absolutely love Bret, he is amazing! I try to meet him where ever he is close to me and have been a fan since childhood. Love you Bret! It was a life time dream to see his concert. – Angela


Meeting Bret for the third time and always as exciting as the first! Thanks for another amazing evening! – Lee Ann

Lori and Bret