Fan Feature: Bret Is Couple’s Good Luck Charm

I got the pleasure of seeing the Bret Michaels Band last night at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, MD. The show was awesome! I would say the best concert I have ever been too! It was well worth the three and a half hour drive to go to it. After the show I got the pleasure of meeting Bret and sharing my favorite Bret Michaels related story with him. Five years ago I met him after a concert in Virgina Beach, VA.

At the time my husband and I were trying to have a baby but things were taking longer then we had hoped. Bret must have been our good luck charm because we conceived that month! Ten months later we were finally parents. I owe it to my husband, but I do feel that there is a convection to that show! Lol. My friends even through me a Bret Michaels baby shower. 

My son is now four and hopefully in the near future will be attending Bret Michaels concerts with us. I want to thank Bret and the Bret Michaels Band for continuing to put on great shows and giving fans like me experiences and memories that last a lifetime!  



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