Bret Michaels’ 2016 “The Party Starts Now” Tour Fan Photos

Just wanted to share how extremely amazing it feels to have been able to share with my daughter meeting Bret! Bret and all the crew are amazing people and so very nice. We have done other meet and greets where you get maybe 30 seconds with the band and no pics or autographs but coat way more! Bret truly is there for his fans even when not feeling that great and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! These are memories I will never forget. I had to pull the guy with us in last night because he was just so much fun. Not sure of his name but he was great! Both my parents have diabetes so paying for the M&G and doing the auction items means so much to us! It is money very well spent!!! <3

Keep rockin everyone!



Trisha’s awesome tattoo


Michelle & Bret


When I met Bret on 10/5/16 I asked him if he could sign a picture of
us for my Mom and he was so happy to do it because he appreciates his fans. When my Mom got it she was so happy. Thank you again Bret! – Kim



Stacey & Bret


The night and I’m about to tell you about is the best night of my life…
on September 22nd 2016 my number one bucket list wish was granted what was that wish you may ask. Well that wish was to meet to meet Bret Michaels.

You see I knew my friends were taking me and I also knew that I couldn’t afford much so I just figured the concert was the gift and I was content with that but I wanted to be closer because as you can see in the photo I have cerebral palsy find me to a wheelchair so it makes it hard for me to see. My friends surprised me with a backstage pass.

Thank you again for a wonderful night!



I want to thank you for making my best friends birthday and our night the most memorable experience yet! We have both been huge fans since we were little, and this night was by far on the top of nights we will never forget! – Keri


My son and I had the BEST time on 11-4 at the Grand Casino Mille Lacs in Minnesota where we saw Bret Michaels Band perform. It was my son’s first ever Bret Michaels concert experience and he LOVED every minute! The show was amazing and energetic as always. My son rocked out and sang along to all his favorite songs. 

We can’t wait to see you again next time you play in Minnesota! We love you BMB!

Keep rockin’!

Joe and Joey 
Ramsey, MN





I shared the story with Bret for the first time last night on my 39th birthday on the inspiration behind the tattoo. I had been through hell my whole life and have battled depression and I was in a really dark place when I was 13. I came home from school and had the radio on as always. I grabbed a knife and started slicing my wrist. Just then Something to Believe In came on. The lyrics and his voice reached into my heart and stopped me from finishing it. It spoke to my soul in a way no other music ever has. That song and his voice saved my life that many years ago. So I got this tattoo to remember and show what a special song it is for me. Music has been a big part of my life. Thank you Bret for caring about all of your fans. – Tina



In front Jayke (Jake) Myers, back row (l-r) Cady Myers, Cheryl Low, Bret and Tara Myers.


Nancy & Bret


Just a huge thank you for always being so good to your fans!
I took my daughter to see you last night in Englewood, NJ. Such a great experience, after all these years of going to your concerts, to be able to do that with my 16 year old– who– sang along with me to all your songs (proud parenting moment. Lol) Can’t thank you enough for taking pics with us as a memory keepsake!

You are all heart!



I had the honor of meeting Bret in September at Casino Rama after an

amazing concert. I have never met a celebrity so sweet and kind to his fans. I have met other celebs, but Bret is the most amazing. He took the time for each and every fan. Bret is over the top and this is why he still has such a huge fan base today. – Colleen


Bret you are awesome! Thank you for what you told me in Little Rock, I will never forget it and thanks for the design on my wrist that I got inked today! You are such a awesome man and you always make everyone feel special! Can’t wait to see you again! – Ginger



I had the privilege to meet Bret for the first time in 2013. He was kind enough to autograph my arm, which I promptly had tattooed. Fast forward 3 years, and I talk to my tattoo artist about an addition to the autograph. What he designed for me is phenomenal. I wanted a blue rose with a ribbon wrapped around it with “Something to Believe In” written inside the ribbon. And he gave me exactly what I wanted. As a matter of fact, it came out better than I imagined. “Something To Believe In” has always been my favorite song and still is (especially the acoustic version on True Grit), and the idea for an actual blue rose was inspired by Bret’s “Every Rose” guitar. As a lifelong fan, I wanted to share this with everybody. Thank you so much for your time.

Rock on! – Sandra



I just want to say Thank You again to Bret for all he does. He’s such an

inspiration and a truly genuine human being. I attend his concerts every time he is in the area and want to thank him (and the BMB) for always making me feel like a teenager again and for taking away any stresses, aches/pains etc. It’s always’ Nothing But A Good Time!

A Fan Forever – Angela


Thanks again for another great show in Hampton Beach! It has become our favorite girls weekend of the year! And as always, Bret was gracious and sweet when we met him after the show! Such a great concert & awesome time!

Michelle & Natalie



I just wanted to say “Thank You” to Bret and the whole B*M*B crew. You all made my son’s night. He has been telling everyone about getting to go on stage with Bret. He keeps saying “mom they are so nice”. It looks like I’m going to have a new concert buddy in my little boy. He’s ready for another show. Keep rockin’ and being the amazing group of guys that you are. Can’t wait to make the trip to KC MO in October for another great show. – Dawn and Brayden 

Tiffany’s awesome Bret ink!

Carol and Bret


Bret and Jessica

Andrea & Alyssa with Bret


I have loved Bret Michaels for as long as I can remember. His music has been such an inspiration to me for such a long time and has helped me get through a lot of difficult times in my life. Meeting him and having him see my “every rose” tattoo was the best night of my life. He is such a sweet and genuine soul. Now I’ll have his signature to go right next to my tattoo! Thank you Bret! – Alyssa

I just wanted to share my newest Bret inspired ink ! I grew up listening to Bret. Having met Bret 3 times over the past few years, I have become an even bigger fan! Not a day goes by that I dont hear Brets voice through my speakers. – Penny


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