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Bret Michaels “The Party Starts Now” Fan Photos

What an amazing performance in Tunica, MS! Your energy and passion for what you do is contagious, and overcoming all adversities in your life have encouraged me to overcome my own. So thankful to have had the opportunity once again to speak with you and share my story.  Look forward to seeing you again soon! – Shelley

I saw Bret in concert in Sterling Heights, MI on July 29th. I had the pleasure of meeting him after the concert and he was the nicest guy ever! My husband and I had the best time talking with him. Thanks for all you do Bret! We’ll see you next time! 

– Laura Gillespie 

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Bret on 4 occasions and he has been absolutely amazing every single time. I admire his kindness, generosity, talent and huge heart and wanted to express the sentiments since I first met him.


Thank you for an absolutely amazing performance in Biloxi, July 7, 2017! We also appreciated the tribute to those who have served, very special. Loved meeting you again and and can’t wait to see you next year!

Love from Georgia,

I attended Bret’s sold out show in Eugene, Oregon. My family and I met Bret after the show. As a Gulf War Navy veteran talking to Bret about the song “Something To Believe In” it was an experience I will never forget. He listened and talked with my whole family and making us feel special. Thank you Bret for all you do for your fans and the military. – George

I met Bret Michaels and his band in Eugene, Oregon. Some of the nicest people I have met in awhile! – Officer Jeff

I was at the event in Twin River Lincoln, R.I. It was an early birthday present from my boyfriend and to my surprise he also got me a meet and greet. Best b-day present ever! I love Bret for all he does an all he gives for so many people. Besides all that he is a awesome person he truly cares and listens to people. – Michelle

From the 1st night I met Bret and the B*M*B, we became family. I just had seen the guys in Orlando for the 4th time. Who would know a week later our world would change when my 25 year old daughter would be diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After 2 stays in the hospital & her first 2 aggressive rounds of chemo we had tickets for a Bret Michaels concert.

We were able to make 2 hour drive & first thing Bret said was “Hello stranger” not knowing why Meagan was in a wheelchair. When we told him he immediately gave my daughter a “big hug”. She also received a drum stick from Mike and Rob wore a special shirt for her. For that time she was out of pain and just beaming. This is a wish that was granted she could only dream about. – Hillary

RoadDogNation.com – Bret Michaels “True Grit” Tour Fan Photo


Thanks for another amazing night! As always, Bret and the B.M.B put on a fun and energetic show last night in Hinckley. Can’t wait to see you in November! Thank you for all you do. You truly are a beautiful soul! 




Bret and Makayla

Our friend and military serviceman Jake and Kate with Bret
George and Rachel Kasica with Bret

Tarina and Bret

Bret Michaels and I before the NASCAR race at NHMS, Loudon NH. I gave him a tube of Glucose tablets to keep in his guitar case. I hope the rest of his tour goes well.


Once again the B*M*B band killed it! Thank you for everyone being so nice – Matt

I wanted to let Bret know what a magical moment it was for me to finally meet my favorite rock star in Salem, Ohio. I was teary eyed as I walked away. I had rehashed in my mind all day meeting Bret to the point I made myself sick. When I met him, that sick feeling just disappeared. Tell Bret that I told Wayne that Bret said “Wayne did an awesome job on my tattoo.” In fact, at about 3 am. Wayne went ahead and tattooed Bret’s signature in my arm. We both listen to Bret’s music all the time. Wayne had severe pain from standing watching the concert from his health issues. It seems we both have our share. I so much admire Bret for all the charity work he does. Thank you to Bret for recognizing epilepsy as I have had this disease since I was in my early 20’s. In 2011, I had a bad seizure/stroke and almost did not recover. I have found a better neurologist since then and have been seizure free since 2011. This March, I was diagnosed with MS and Dr. Raheja thinks the epilepsy has something to do with that. Friday night was one of the best nights of our lives. Meeting Bret for me was a moment I will cherish forever. Much love to Bret, Pete, and all the guys Oh, Bret I hope you liked you beach glass necklace with the B. Bret you stole a piece of my heart that night! Thank you so much for all you do! – Love, Karen

Thanks for a great show in Portland, ME and for being so nice at the meet n greet! It’s a night we will never forget!



RoadDogNation.com – Bret Michaels “True Grit” Tour Fan Photo

Check out these awesome Bret Michaels “True Grit” fan photos! 


   First in line in Altoona, PA with my dear Bret friends, Lee Ann, Lori, and Karen! True Grit Tour

My first meet and greet @ Rockin for Little Hearts 3, Altoona, PA, June 5th, 2015 ~ another awesome show for such a great cause~ thank you for an amazing evening! <3 – LeeAnn

RoadDogNation.com Fan Photos

Matthew and Bret – July 14, 2014. Happy Birthday Matthew!


Connie and Bret


Liza, Danielle and Lisa with Bret


Bret and I at the start of the rain on Long Island 7/14/14 and as always Bret and BMB put on an amazing show in the rain. It was Nothin’ But A Good Time.

– Kim