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Bret Michaels “The Party Starts Now” 2017 Fan Photos

I was at the event in Twin River Lincoln, R.I. It was an early birthday present from my boyfriend and to my surprise he also got me a meet and greet. Best b-day present ever! I love Bret for all he does an all he gives for so many people. Besides all that he is a awesome person he truly cares and listens to people. – Michelle


From the 1st night I met Bret and the B*M*B, we became family. I just had seen the guys in Orlando for the 4th time. Who would know a week later our world would change when my 25 year old daughter would be diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After 2 stays in the hospital & her first 2 aggressive rounds of chemo we had tickets for a Bret Michaels concert.

We were able to make 2 hour drive & first thing Bret said was “Hello stranger” not knowing why Meagan was in a wheelchair. When we told him he immediately gave my daughter a “big hug”. She also received a drum stick from Mike and Rob wore a special shirt for her. For that time she was out of pain and just beaming. This is a wish that was granted she could only dream about. – Hillary


Bret Michaels’ 2016 “The Party Starts Now” Tour Fan Photos


The concert in WV was yet another epic BMB success. Bret, I was super excited and honored to acquire your leather jacket that you wore on Rock of Love from Stage It. It is a great accessory to add to my closet, priceless! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk and sign everything. Of course the best part, as always are the hugs. Best medicine for what ails you. Again, thanks so much Bret for another amazing evening. – Missy


Tina and friends


Maria and Bret



Michelle and Bret


Thank you for an amazing show in Biloxi and for another opportunity
to see you again! Traveling from Atlanta to Biloxi was challenging for me this year but once again, you inspire me to do better, help others more, to brave my diabetes and live life tenaciously overcoming all challenges. Love to you and I hope to see you again next year!

Fan and friend for life,



Linda and Bret


Laura and Bret